Mastering the art of……Meal Prep – Part 1

When you visit any blog or forum regarding fitness and health, they all tell you the same thing. “MEAL PREP!”…..and they’re right.

Different - Meal Prep

But like many things, don’t go jumping right in, give 100% and then think it’s not working for you.

Going 100% doesn't work

Start with 1 recipe and go from there.

Try replacing lunch or dinner for 3 days a week.

It doesn’t even need to be cooked! A supermarket chicken and a pre-packed Salad = a great, healthy meal.

I’m not giving you the right to go out an eat as much take away as you want either! Keep it clean and healthy.

No way! I'm not saying you can eat as much as you want. This is meal prep!

No way! I’m not saying you can eat unlimited pizza and Thai food, keep it healthy!

Stick to what you know.

I know I’m talking about mastering meal prep here, but while you form meal prep into a habit, keep it simple. Cooking the recipes you know makes the meal prep faster and you know you’re going to like it. There’s plenty of time to start on new recipes when you get a rhythm going in the kitchen.


Don’t think about it too much

If you think of meal prep as a chore, or something that you don’t or won’t enjoy, you’re not going to stick to it.


Allocate the time

Come join me instead!

For a good supermarket shop and the cooking and prep time, and don’t double book! I know your friends want you to hang out, but this is YOU time!. and who says they can’t help!

Own it!, reap the rewards and feel great….even if it goes wrong sometimes

There are so many benefits to meal prepping, as long as time is given.

1 good meal won’t make you healthy, just like 1 bad one won’t make you unhealthy either, just keep it to a minimum though, don’t want to go destroying all your hard work!

take on the world

I’ll include some good quick recipes in the next post on Meal Prep.


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